Srinagar, Jan 01 (ANI): Kashmir continues to reel under extreme weather conditions leading to freezing of several water bodies, including the famed Dal Lake. The dip in temperatures is due to snowfall in the Himalayas and has adversely impacted the upper half of the country. The cold wave has also forced people to stay indoors. People in Srinagar city, who work outdoors, were seen sitting around bonfire to fight the chill on Thursday (January 01). Local boatmen also found it difficult to row their boats through the frozen Dal Lake. The Valley is witnessing the 40-day harshest winter period, known as Chillai-Kalan, which began on December 21. But the state has not received much snowfall as compared to last year even though temperatures continue to remain below freezing point in the valley. Locals say the delay in snowfall has led to spread of diseases.Located in the tropics, most of India witnesses a very hot summer and a largely temperate winter.