A day after Kashmir's Grand Mufti issued a fatwa on the state's girls only band, the three-member crew decided to call it quits on Monday.

The girls had maintained silence all throughout the row, but source close to the band revealed that they have decided against future performances.

Kashmir's Grand Mufti (head priest) Mufti Bashiruddin on Sunday issued a fatwa on the band stating that "Girls are responsible for the rape. They should be in their limits. They must wear the veil at all times. They can sing inside their homes. They shouldn't sing in public. They are giving bad signals to men," PTI reported.

"Society cannot be built or developed by doing un-Islamic acts like singing. I have advised these girls, and other Muslims as well, to stay within the limits of modesty as prescribed for them," the Mufti added.

He also blamed the government saying that it was "trying to encourage a shameless act".

Following the comments from the Mufti several politicians and activists came forward in support of the rock band.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah criticised the people who were threatening the girls and promised a probe into the matter. He went on to say that the girls should ignore "a handful of morons who are trying to silence them" adding that they should continue singing and developing their talent.

Retorting to the fatwa issued by the Mufti, Omar Abdullah tweeted, "Given the importance people attach to the fatwas of the Grand Mufti, the less said the better." He later deleted the tweet.

The rock band, Pragaash which means light, had been facing threats since it participated and backed third position in local rock band show 'Battle of Bands' last month.

The girls - vocalist-guitarist Noma Nazir, drummer Farah Deeba and guitarist Aneeka Khalid - were showered with lewd comments and threats in social media after which they had stopped performing.

The National Commission for Women also came in support of the band and criticized the Mufti's comment saying, "This is wrong. Everyone has their own perspective, there are traditions. But I believe that if after so many years of independence, we stop girls from any work, it will be our double standards."

Meanwhile, the Hurriyat Conference (Geelani faction) were in support of the comments and fatwa issued by Mufti Bashiruddin .

"First of all, we are not with the fact that anyone should force these girls into anything. However, it is not good for our moral fabric that girls dance and sing. We will counsel their parents," Hurriyat Conference (G) spokesperson Ayaz Akbar told Headlines Today.

"We don't subscribe to the viewpoint that women should be allowed to sing and all...Grand mufti is appointed by the government, so all the statements he makes should be seen with a design," Akbar added.