Bollywood actress and model, Kashmira Shah, who is anchoring a television reality show on Channel V, "Steal UR Girlfriend", actually slapped one of the contestants. According to a report, Kashmira, while shooting an episode and anchoring it in true-blue-chick-flick style, hit Atirek Sharma.

The show host, justifying her action, said the "guy didn't understand how to sweep a girl off her feet". Apparently, after hitting Sharma on the head, Kashmira got so involved that she started laughing (the traditional villian's laugh), while punching Sharma, according to a report by India Blooms.

In addition, according to the report, when asked why she did it, she winked and said she'd always beaten up the men in her life.

"If you beat them up properly and lay them well, you can walk all over them all your life," she reportedly said.

As the baffled contestant took a breather, she supposedly looked him in the eye, gave him a wicked stare and ruffled his hair like a mischievous child.

Nobody quite knows what was on Kashmira's mind.... Has she just lost it?