At a time when the #MeToo movement in India has shaken everyone, a domestic violence survivor-turned-2018 Mrs India International, Nusrat Parveen, from a small village of Kulgam district in Jammu and Kashmir is receiving a lot of hate and abuses on social media.

Nusrat, who had shared a report on her journey from a housewife who escaped a failed and abusive marriage to the winner of 2018 Mrs India International title, was at the receiving end after the trolls hurled abuses at her.

The trolls are apparently calling her names for bringing disgrace to Islam and the state's culture.

Besides calling her unfit for the contest, the trolls also made unruly remarks about her appearance and also cast doubts on how she got selected for the competition.

The misogynistic rant doesn't end here. Nusrat is also being called as a conspirator who is working for some agencies.

Nusrat who is living with her three children after her husband dumped her and married another woman did not let the disappointment put brakes on her wishes.

She soon marched on and with the support of her children pursued her dreams which she couldn't earlier in her life.

She made some money after selling her jewellery and applied for the contest which was to be held in Malaysia.

According to her, it was her straightforward nature and humble background which impressed the judges and then she went on to win all the major rounds of the contest.

She also has a message for all homemakers especially from those in Kashmir to be able to sustain on their own and support their families too.

Screenshots of the troll which Nusrat received on Facebook

The trolls hurled abuses at Nusrat Parveen from South Kashmir who recently won the title of Mrs India International, 2018.Facebook