Kashmir Floods
Flood waters rage across a temple in KashmirReuters

Even as the State and Central Governments claim that it has been caught unawares by disastrous flood in Jammu and Kashmir, a report published four years ago had warned of a major deluge.

The report published in February 2010 had stated: "Srinagar city, awaits a major deluge. Going by the warnings issued by the state's flood control department, the historic city is likely to submerge in water, due to a major flood in next five years."

The warning that was published by Greater Kashmir based on information collected from Jammu and Kashmir Flood Control Ministry stated that though the government was aware of an impending 'flood catastrophe' there was still no mechanism in place to save human lives and property.

The unnamed government official had told the news portal that in order to avoid the disaster; the flood control department had formulated a ₹2,200 crore project. However, going by the present flood devastation in Jammu and Kashmir, it looks highly unlikely that the government passed the plan proposed in 2010.

Indian Army in kashmir rescue
The Armed Forces rescue people in the Kashmir floodsIndian Army Twitter Account

The 2010 report even had stated that Jhelum is known to cause flood in a cycle of every fifty years and it was bound to submerge Srinagar as it has no course off the city.

"It is not me, but the history, which clearly gives indication that Srinagar city faces flood every fifty years and the cycle is nearing completion," then-flood control and irrigation minister Taj Mohi-ud-Din had said while discussing about the plans of the government.

It now but has been established that neither the Centre nor the State was prepared to handle the catastrophe.

A recent Down To Earth report citing the Central Water Commission also has noted that the "lack of prerequisite requirements" is to be blamed for absence of flood forecasting system in the state.

Despite being a highly active seismic zones IV and V zone, the state administration still has no disaster management plan, the report noted.

A Voice of America report stated the death toll from monsoon rains and flash floods across Kashmir and parts of Pakistan has claimed 400 lives, while five lakh have been displaced.