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Koppal has become the centre of violence in Karnataka. At a temple event on Thursday night, celebrating the Adda Pallakki Utsava, a riot broke out. Following the events, the police has arrested 50 people based on the CCTV footage.

The issue arose over how many people could assemble at the temple due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the process, temple doors were broken down and police vehicles vandalised.

Celebrations take a dark turn in Koppal

On Thursday night in the Kushtagi town of Koppal district in Karnataka, violence broke out. The reason for the events was the Adda Pallakki Utasva which is celebrated every year in the town with much gusto. This year, however, the pandemic put a damper on how the festival would be celebrated.

This procession is an annual event that occurs every year, this year with the permission of Tahsildars, the temple was to conduct the festival. However, there was a restriction on the number of people allowed in to join the festivities due to the pandemic and Karnataka's COVID-19 statistics. Change in traditions isn't always smooth. 

At the temple in the Dotihal village, when the crowd had gathered and the limit of the number of people the temple could accommodate was reached, the doors were shut. Angered over the restrictions people began to protest it was reported.

So much so that, the temple doors were broken down. When the police arrived on the spot, the police vehicle was also vandalised. To restrain the crowd the police opened lathi charge. The tradition is that the chariot is paraded around the area, but this time the chariot would stay on the temple premises. 

Following the massive blow to law and order, based on the CCTV footage, 50 people have been arrested. District SP of police Sangeetha told NDTV that more people would be detained and arrested. Many had escaped from the spot due to a fear of an arrest she said.