Student protest Karnataka

The word 'exam' has become a controversial one for university students in Karnataka. Students have over the last few months protested against the state's decision to conduct exams amid the pandemic. With the K-CET scheduled for July 30th and the final year exams which will be conducted for university students, the students are taking over social media to condemn the move.

Demanding the postponement of exams, the students are trending #JusticeForKarnatakaStudents on Twitter. 

Karnataka students demand justice

The Karnataka government previously postponed all exams except final year students' and the K-CET for university hopefuls. This decision caused unrest among students who've been pleading with the government to take the risk to their lives into consideration.

The pandemic has turned the world on its head, and for students, it has made their present and their future uncertain. The National Students Union has been demanding that all the exams be postponed keeping in mind the state of affairs and the risk the pandemic poses. 

NSUI press note

However, the government has been steadfast in going ahead with arrangements for the exam. Recently, Christ University students also protested the university's stand on exams. Now students across the state have mobilised to put pressure on the government to take the students' pleas into consideration.

Nations across the world have prohibited mass gatherings but here, our students are pressurised to gather & give exams. It will be catastrophic. Karnataka govt must evaluate students based on past performance and other exams must be postponed."-@AkhilUrsNSUI

 Students lyf a joke??? 2lac family is nothing?#JusticeForKarnatakaStudents #postponekcet@drashwathcn@BSYBJP do u people wish to spoil our future? This is hw u mix people under quarantine with others? So incase if they turn out to be +ve wat r we suppose to do?" - @prakash_nisarga

 This student even attached an image of a chat shared.

Karnataka student tweet
@prakash_nisarga on Twitter

The NSUI president of Karnataka Manjunatha HS said, "Rural students don't have access to internet connections to attend classes. How can you expect them to write exams without proper classes? Promote students based upon their precious marks & internals." 

Even though I am not from karnataka... I will support them. .i don't want to repeat what happened in our state... Our govt is so cruel... Don't be so mean to students... U too have grandkids na??? Think about them before conducting this exam."- @AkhilAk86917053

How much more can we say. Can't u see things happening around you. How much more can we request. Please FFS postpone the F kcet exam. #postponekcet20 #justiceforkarnatakastudents"- @AhmedAbuzar11

There are many challenges that have made writing this exam not only stressful, from coming into contact with infected cases to infecting others unknowingly and the pressures of preparation amid the pandemic. Not to mention the innumerable logistical challenges.

The government has so far refused to speak about it, saying precautions have been taken and students needn't worry. Students protesting in Shivmoga today faced police action despite wearing PPE kits and taking necessary precautions.