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 Till now, the opposition in Karnataka has been levelling serious corruption charges against the ruling party BJP in the state. Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah has revealed that the government's scam crosses Rs 2,000 crores, he has ordered a judicial enquiry into the matter.

So far, the government has maintained that there has been transparency. Recently, CM Yediyurappa also invited the opposition to raise concerns and offer suggestions. 

Siddharamaiah claims gross misappropriation of funds 

Former CM Siddaramaiah has so far been promising citizenry he would raise all the details of the corruption within BJP at the state-level amid the pandemic. He said earlier this week that on Thursday he would reveal the details.

On social media, the leader of the opposition alleged that the government's misappropriation crosses Rs 2,000 crore.

Misappropriation by@CMofKarnataka& his minsters is more than ₹2,000 Cr. Inhumane act at a time of pandemic distress. There should a judicial enquiry by a sitting high court judge and there should a discussion in the assembly."

He then went on to call the BJP's effort to fight the pandemic a failure, in light of the rise in cases and the state of affairs and claimed they hadn't assessed preparedness.

Siddaramaiah pointed out by taking names of the Deputy CM Ashwathnarayan, the department of Health and Family Welfare as wells as Health Minister B Sriramulu for the procurement of medical essentials. 

Dy CM@drashwathcn &@DHFWKAminister@sriramulubjp, in the press conf, claimed that only ₹324 Cr worth medical essentials were procured by health dept. The details given by them were limited to health dept & also only for those where payments were completed."

He said that the procurement of essentials is worth over Rs 4,000 crores and asserted the people's right to know.

They are yet to give details of all the procurement orders of health dept, which includes pending payment orders. They have not given any details of procurement from other departments. This is worth more than ₹4,000Cr. People have the right to know even those."


The former CM said he'd approached the ruling government through 20 letters that went unanswered. 

I have written more than 20 letters to@CMofKarnataka, Chief Secretary of Karnataka & others. But I have not received any reply from anyone. Instead,@CMofKarnatakais misleading people through rhetoric statements."

He further claimed that the Prime Minister's 'Atma nirbhar' Bharat mission failed, and the CM Yediyurappa had procured Chinese-made equipment for use. Further speaking about the situation of ventilators, he said the government procured 50,000 ventilators under the PM Cares Fund.

Central govt has procured 50,000 ventilators under PM Cares at a cost of ₹4, lakh per unit. Tamil Nadu has procured at ₹4.78 lakh. But in our state, the price is between ₹5.6 lakh to ₹18.2 lakh. Is this not corruption?"

He left everybody with a word that Congress will not put up with the corruption.

Congress will continue to cooperate with the government in saving people's lives. We will not cooperate with corruption and looting of money.

The allegations by the politician are serious, which haven't yet been addressed by the Yediyurappa government. The Karnataka government has insisted that it has not misappropriated funds since the BIEC allegations came up changing tactics to save the government money. 

The response of the ruling government and further details on the matter will be published as and when received.