Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) of Kudligi Sub-Division, Karnataka, Anupama Shenoy has reportedly returned to Kudligi after she was unreachable for more than four days following her resignation. The issue reportedly began after she detained the owner of a liquor store that was being built illegally in Ballari. 

The store-owner was released by the station house officer after she left the premises, which reportedly prompted her to put in her papers.

Shenoy, who was incommunicado after the resignation, was reportedly tracked down after Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah directed Director General of Police Om Prakash to find her. She reportedly had an altercation with the state Labour Minister PT Parameshwara Naik.

She would not take her resignation back, ANI quoted her as saying on Thursday.

"I have resigned, now minister will you? Please wait, I will release the CD post midnight," she was quoted as saying on her social media profile by India Today. The CD being referred to could contain damaging information related to the minister, which she had threatened to reveal.

She has been transferred repeatedly over the past six months due to her conflicts with the minister. However, Naik had reportedly said he had played no part in the latest action taken by the police officer. She reportedly said she resigned due to a personal reason.

"How can I comment on what she is posting on Facebook? We are not even sure if the Facebook account belongs to her," Naik was quoted as saying by India Today.

Meanwhile, Siddaramaiah said he was unaware of the issue. "The law will take its own course," he said.

On reaching Kudligi, she said she would meet the Superintendent of Police R Chetan in Ballari on Thursday evening, according to the Hindu.

However, she was active on social media later, and explained her delay in arrival. "What to do, I was brought in escort from Bhatkal to Kudligi. The speed was not over 60 and one of the vehicles broke in between which was the cause for the delay, [sic]" she posted on Facebook, according to the Hindu.

The state government attempted to bring her back after facing severe criticism as Shenoy shocked her followers on Facebook with the status update: "resigned and jobless."