Karnataka Health and Medical Education Minister K. Sudhakar on Tuesday called for awareness about dental care in rural areas.

"There is a need to create awareness among the rural people about dental care, as most of them still use charcoal powder instead of toothpaste," said Sudhakar in a statement to mark 'International Dentist's Day' here.

K Sudhakar
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Noting that people in other countries go for dental check-up twice a year, the minister said that in contrast, the rural folk in India visit a dentist only after the pain in the teeth becomes irresistible.

"There is lack of awareness among the rural people about dental health. As dental treatment cost is lower in our country compared to the other countries, people should avail it to keep their dental health in a good condition," said Sudhakar, a medical doctor by profession.

The minister also honoured noted dentist S. Ramachandra on the occasion.