In picture: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.IANS

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday, June 30, asked people at a rally in the Belagavi district of Karnataka whether they knew what a "blue film" — a term often used in India to refer to pornographic films — was. 

The question is believed to be an effort to corner the BJP over the 2012 when three MLAs from the saffron party were caught on camera watching pornographic content on their mobile devices

Siddaramaiah was speaking at a Congress rally in the Athani constituency in Belagavi, which is represented by Laxman Savadi — one of the three offending MLAs.

Savadi has since hit back, citing two Congress leaders whose names have cropped up in connection with sex scandals. 

'Ever watched a blue film'?

Speaking at the rally, Siddaramaiah asked the people present: "Do you know why your MLA lost his ministerial berth during the BJP government's tenure? You should ask him."

He then went on to ask, much to the bemusement of many present: "Do you people know what a blue film is? Have you ever watched one?"

Siddaramaiah then added: "The assembly is like a temple. And your MLA was caught watching a blue film inside the temple. So he was forced to step down. I do not know how such people continue to stay in public life. Such shameless people must resign and retire."

Karnataka MLAs
In picture: Two of the three BJP MLAs caught on camera watching porn in the Karnataka Assembly in 2012.Facebook

The counter

Savadi subsequently retorted with allegations of his own. He was quoted by the Times of India as saying: "The chief minister asked the people what a blue film is. Perhaps, if he had asked his own partymen like HY Meti and minister Tanveer Sait, he would have got a better and more appropriate response."

Meti, it may be remembered, had resigned from the post of Karnataka excise minister in December last year following allegations that he had featured in a sex tape. The incident had reportedly involved a CD containing Meti's alleged indecent act with a woman who had approached him to ask for a favour.

Sait, meanwhile, had been caught on camera watching pornographic content on his mobile phone during Tipu Jayanti celebrations in November last year.