HD Kumaraswamy
HD Kumaraswamy will not be residing in official CM bungalow AnugrahaHD Kumaraswamy Facebook Page

Janata Dal (Secular) president HD Kumaraswamy sworn in as the 24th chief minister of the Karnataka at Vidhana Soudha in a grand ceremony. Emerging reports claim he won't be moving to CM's official residence Anugraha any time soon. Instead, Kumaraswamy is said to stay put at his personal house in JP Nagar for at least a few months.

Kumaraswamy, who is currently on temple visits is said to believe in Vastu. He has been in touch with two prominent Vastu pundits who were assigned to check out the four available CM residences including Cauvery and Anugraha. After surveying the houses, they warned Kumaraswamy not to move to any of the designated official residences or else he may not complete the full five-year term.

However, the experts have located a Vastu compliant house, but currently it is occupied by incumbent chief secretary Ratna Prabha, Bangalore Mirror reported. She was supposed to retire in March 2018, but her service was extended for three more months owing to state elections. Prabha will be officially retiring and vacating the bungalow in June.

Kumaraswamy sworn-in as 25th chief minister of KarnatakaIBTimes India

Until then Kumaraswamy will continue to stay in his current JP Nagar residence and also use another bungalow Krishna, which is located beside the Lalit Ashok hotel, as the home office. He is said to host Janata Darshana programme, popular on-the-spot service to the citizen grievances, on both the locations.

It can be noted that Kumaraswamy was staying in his JP Nagar when he became CM with support of BJP in 2006, but when he moved to the Anugraha, he stepped down after 20 months and since then, it has been huge ordeal for him and his party to stay afloat a force to reckon in Karnataka state politics.

A couple of years ago, HD Kumaraswamy had actually sold the JP Nagar house to a businessman and took Rs 1 crore advance, but while moving out of the house, a cobra emerged at the gate stopping Kumaraswamy. He being superstitious consulted astrologers whether it was a bad omen to move out of the house. They apparently suggested him to get the house back in his possession and alter some of the internal rooms in compliance with Vastu. In August 2017, he moved back to the JP Nagar residence and started his poll campaign.

As the destiny would have it, HD Kumaraswamy, despite his party coming a distant third with a paltry 38 seats, managed to become the CM of Karnataka for the second term and if things go as planned, he might complete the five years term.