Karnataka Budget, multiplexes, movie tickets
Cinema-goers wait at the lobby of a PVR Multiplex.Reuters file

If you are a movie buff living in Karnataka, especially in Bengaluru, you would have wondered why movie tickets are way too costly in the city. People often end up spending Rs 300 or more to watch their favourite movies in the multiplexes. For all such movie enthusiasts in the South Indian state, here is some happy news.

As per the Karnataka Budget presented by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Wednesday, March 15, movie tickets cannot be priced above Rs 200 each in multiplexes across the state. 

Other issues faced by movie-goers in Bengaluru

Despite spending quite a lot on movie tickets, theatres like PVR, INOX and other multiplexes, don't allow people to take their own food or water inside the theatres. So people end up spending a lot on food and beverages that are sold at the theatres for whopping sums.

"In Kerala, we can watch movies for less than Rs 100 and we are also allowed to take food inside that we have bought outside. So the maximum expense would be Rs 150 or so," says Krishna Kumar, who works as a PR executive in Bengaluru. "But if I have to watch a movie in Bengaluru, I will have to spend at least Rs 250 for tickets, plus tax if I book the ticket online. Add to it the cost of food and beverage, and I end up spending Rs 550 just to watch a single movie. This is for a single person." 

Others have also welcomed the decision in the city. "It's definitely a good decision taken by the government to promote movies," says Ina Singh, an engineer working in Bengaluru, pointing out the fact that in Tamil Nadu, there is Rs 120 cap, which is way less than the Rs 200 decided by the Karnataka government.