Jagadish Shettar
Chief Minister Shettar said that the opening up of dams for Tamil Nadu was "inevitable". Jagadish Shettar website

The BJP high command is reportedly contemplating to form the deputy chief minister post in Karnataka government, in a bid to appease deposed Chief Minister DV Sadananda Gowda's loyalists.   

Since Gowda's departure from his CM post, the top brasses are seeking to nominate a leader from Gowda's Vokkaliga community for the deputy chief minister post in the state.

Powerful Lingayat leader BS Yeddyurappa's contribution in forming the first BJP government in South can't be undermined. Earlier, the state was under the throttlehold of either the Congress or JD(S).

After constantly pressurising the BJP central leadership, Yeddyurappa got DV Sadananda Gowda removed from the chief minister post, while successfully replacing the post with his loyalist Jagadish Shettar, who too hails from the Lingayat community.

Following this development, the BJP bosses found themselves in the midst of another possible issue that would add more troubles and difficulties in retaining support from another powerful community.  

Lingayat and Vokkaliga are amongst two of the most powerful communities in Karnataka. Leaders from these communities virtually share an equal number of seats in forming the state BJP unit. Catering to their political demands has become quite a sensitive issue for the party high command.

Identical politics has been dominating the Indian political system for decades now. Almost all the casts/communities in the country have their own political outfits, which are also being used as front offices to make sure their demands are met.

Some parties have reaped benefits using this identical politics system. However, in BJP's case, it has literally turned into a sensitive challenge.

On Sunday, the former CM stepped down from his post following the demands of the Yeddyurappa camp, who claim to be the majority in the state assembly.

Jagadish Shetter will be sworn-in as the 27th chief minister of Karnataka and as the third chief minister of the BJP unit in the state.

Growth of "identical politics" in the country:

As far as identical politics are concerned the parties become their casts' identity, with majority of the workers in those outfits having a common cast background or common rationales. People harbouring political agendas initiate such parties and seek to derive support from their own tribes.

Over a period of time, this political trend led to a massive surge in the number of such small-time-parties across the country. Having a political party for one's cast is regarded as a means for security for members of the concerned tribe.

With every member seeking some political power, the least they could expect is one from among them to be at power in order to deal and rectify the community's problems at the earliest.

Lately, even opposition Presidential nominee PA Sangma sought support for is candidature saying that he is a tribal candidate.