Mystic, a chain of lifestyle spas offering world-class therapies and services, is all set to roll out their latest beauty product offering: a Clear Almond Oil for massage therapy. The launch of the product is scheduled to take place Sunday evening at Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi at the hands of Bollywood diva Karisma Kapoor.

The launch will mainly revolve around Mystic;s method extracting almond oil in-house.

Mystic ensures that their range of Clear Almond oil will be exclusively available for various treatments like Balinese Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish massage and Lomi Lomi at all Mystic outlets.

Almond oil is characteristically pale yellow in colour when extracted from the kernels through a cold crushing process. Mystic processes it naturally and makes sure that the constituents in the form of Phytic acid, Tannic acid and Enzyme Inhibitors are well retained in low content. This ensures that the oil gets absorbed much faster into the skin thus giving assured and desired benefits of almond oil.

Mystic's Almond Oil is that it is uniquely colourless. This Clear Almond Oil, being rich in Vitamin E, makes sure that it does not cause any irritation to the skin and is suitable for all skin types. The oil, not being too thick, ensures that it does not leave the skin oily resulting in clogged pores, but effectively moisturizes the skin making it soft, supple and radiant. The company claims that the product improves complexion and restores healthy skin when used regularly.

Mystic has nine outlets in Delhi-NCR area offering over 150 signatures aromatic oils. It also includes over 25 oils, exclusive to Mystic and made from rare and organic herbs for a synergic blend of therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments.  

Mystic is promoted by Mystic Cures Limited, a name analogous to wellness, international therapies and services of the highest standards. These oils manufactured in-house, ensure customers get the most unforgettable spa experiences in Mystic's state-of-the-art architectural ambience.