Karen Sheila Gillan, best known for playing the role of Nebula in "Guardians of the Galaxy" (2014), is a Scottish actress, director and former super model.

She is also known for her role of Amy Pond in BBC's science fiction series "Doctor Who" (2010-13). She starred as Jane Lockhart in "Not Another Happy Ending" (2013) and as Kaylie Russell in the horror movie "Oculus" (2013).

As the actress celebrates her 28th birthday on 28 November, 2015, here are some quotable quotes by her.

"I have no sense of being famous - you're just working. And then you'll have a random day in London when you'll do some press and it creeps into your awareness that this goes out - that what you do every day goes out to televisions right across the country."

"Acting is all about finding the truth within whatever world you're in."

"It's good to go with your gut instincts in life. You just should. Even if it doesn't work out, something good will come out of it."

"I want to be like Robin Williams, really. It's all the different characters he does, all the different voices."

"I like being involved in interesting and creative things. I'd just rather be involved in creating it, rather than being in it."

"I was one of those weird children that just couldn't talk to people, so I kind of had to make myself be not like that because I knew it was going to hinder me."

"I just feel so flattered, because the cosplayers really make sure every detail is there. I don't think I've ever cosplayed a character before, but if I were to, I'd probably go as a Klingon from 'Star Trek.'"

"Being in 'Doctor Who' has been so amazing. I don't think I will ever have a job quite so fun ever again. I feel sad because I am going to leave, but with any story, it has to come to an end."