The Indian smartphone which is pegged as the one of the fastest growing markets in the world is witnessing the launch of several low-cost smartphones with high-end features, since the start of the year.

Last month, Indian smartphone makers launched numerous smartphones. Among them, emerging handset makers Karbonn and Celkon launched their flagship smartphones, Titanium S5 and A119 Signature HD, respectively.

Both the smartphones have high-end features, but which one will draw more attention from price-conscious consumers?

Here is a brief comparison of Karbonn Titanium S5 and Celkon A119 Signature HD:


Karbonn Titanium S5 sports a competitive 5.0-inch qHD IPS capacitive screen with 540x960p display resolution, whereas Celkon's smartphone too features an equally impressive 5.0-inch display with 720x1280p HD resolution.


Celkon's Signature HD packs a dual-core processor with 1GHz Clock speed, whereas Karbonn Titanium S5 scores points for housing a quad-core processor with 1.2GHz CPU speed which is more energy efficient and faster than its competitor.


Titanium S5 packs an 8.0-megapixel main camera with auto-focus and flash support and a 2.0-megapixel front camera. Celkon strikes back with an impressive 12.0-megapixel main camera with auto-focus and flash support, and a 3.0-megapixel secondary camera on the front.

Mobile Operating System:

In terms of mobile OS, they both stand even in this department as Celkon A119 Signature HD and Karbonn Titanium S5 run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS.

In terms of RAM, battery capacity and network connectivity as well as add-ons such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and specs, all smartphones in the market have similar features with negligible differences. Karbonn Titanium S5 and Celkon A119 Signature HD are no different.


Karbonn Titanium S5 currently sells for ₹11,990, whereas Celkon's smartphone is priced ₹13,499, almost ₹1,500 costlier than its competitor.

With the sub₹12,000 price tag and quad-core processor, Karbonn's Titanium S5 makes a better buy. But if buyers are looking for a low-cost good camera smartphone with high-megapixel count, buyers can go for Celkon's smartphone.   

Here is a breakdown of comparison between Karbonn Titanium S5 and Celkon A119 Signature HD [Spec Wise]:


Karbonn Titanium S5

Celkon A119 Signature HD


5.0-inch multi-touch capacitive screen with

qHD display 540x960p resolution

5.0-inch WXGA HD

720x1280p resolution



Android v4.1 OS

(Jelly Bean)

Android v4.1 OS

(Jelly Bean)


Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-core processor with 1.2 GHz clock speed

Dual-core processor

with 1GHz clock speed





4GB ROM, and expandable up to 32GB

4GB, expandable up to



Rear side: 8.0-megapixel camera with Auto focus and flash support

Front side: 2.0 megapixel camera

Rear:12.0 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash support

Front : 3.o -megapixel camera


2000 mAh

2100 mAh


2G & 3G

2G & 3G