Karan Patel and Kangana Ranaut

The nepotism debate has gone on for quite long in Bollywood ever since the unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. Kangana Ranaut has been one of those who've openly spoken about Bollywood's nepotism and double standards. 

TV actor Karan Patel challenged Kangana Ranaut about her stand. The actor said that those who were not related to the actor have been trying to make the most of the situation since his death.

Karan Patel takes on Kangana Ranaut

Few have been as vocal about Sushant Singh Rajput's death as Kangana Ranaut has, putting up videos and name-calling to speak about nepotism and the Bollywood industry. In the aftermath of Rajput's death, a debate broke out on what nepotism has done to Bollywood as an industry. Many stars and members of the fraternity have been shamed in the process.

Following the spectacle, Karan Patel in an interview with TOI, he called out Kangana without taking her name, "For example, an actress these days is talking about nepotism. If I am not wrong, she came up with her own production house some time back so why didn't she cast Sushant in her film if she's such a big star. She first cast Sonu Sood and then later someone else, so she forgot about Sonu Sood. I have never seen her working with a new director or an actor." This might be a reference to her film Manikarnika. 

Kangana Ranaut and Rangoli Chandel

He urged that if anybody has a production house and is making films the onus is on them to pick those who are newcomers, who are 'outsiders' to the industry. He said, "So, when even you are running behind big studios then why are you blowing nepotism's trumpet? If you are that big-hearted and you have your own production house please go and pick a newcomer, a new director and work with him in his film as the heroine, then we will talk and listen to you." 

Further, he went on to speak comment on her sister Rangoli Chandel as well. He asked why Rangoli runs Kangana's business, again without naming the two he asked why the owner of the production house's sister is the one running the show, and why she didn't instead hire a new manager or somebody with an MBA degree.