Karan Mankar

Growing up, we listened to the stories that concluded by saying, "In Unity There Is Power." Don't you think that these theories should be applied to real life as well? Social worker Karan Mankar believes so! A single man can move mountains more promptly when he is supported by a group of people.

"A social worker needs people who show their unwavering assistance towards him, who adhere to his beliefs, and stand by him in all situations," he said.

He talked about how Mahatma Gandhi walked on Satyagraha and was joined by a horde of people, which accelerated the impact of this movement. "We all know Gandhi wouldn't have stopped even if he was alone, but having a huge number of people walking right behind him did fuel his motivation," he said.

Taking incidents from his own journey, the social worker highlights a few things. "I have undertaken various social activities and tried to do my best towards society. I organized blood donation camps, but it was the people of society who came forward to donate their blood. It wouldn't have been possible without them. Uplifting society demands everybody's contribution. We can only initiate or show the way," he further added.

He strives to make this society a better place, not only through his actions but also by encouraging through his words.

"Now that you know how your smallest actions can affect society and support us, I hope everyone will come forward, and together we can make our nation a successful and beautiful place to dwell," he said.