Karan Johar
Karan Johar

Karan Johar has yet again made a cryptic tweet that left Twitterati in confusion. Some even trolled him for not being clear about the issue he is talking about.

Karan took to Twitter and said, "Dear LIES....when you know that TRUTH has the best army working for it why would you take it on?"

Although the exact issue that Karan spoke about is not clear, some thought that the filmmaker was hinting at Padmavati as the film is currently embroiled in controversy. The movie is under fire for allegedly portraying Rani Padmini in a bad light.

Although director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika Padukone have repeatedly clarified that Padmavati has no objectionable scene, the protestors refused to buy it. There have been demanding for its ban.

As Padmavati is currently in news, some felt that Karan spoke in support of the film in this cryptic tweet. However, most of his followers remained confused as to what really is he talking about.

Of late, KJo has been making such cryptic tweets, and that clicked some minds to troll him. 

Some of the replies are: "Suffering from multiple personality disorder syndrome", "Khul kar support nahi kar sakte dipika ka kya paheliya buja raha he fattu", "Phir suruhogaye bhaishaab.".

Earlier Karan is said to have taken a sly dig at Kangana Ranaut with a similar cryptic tweet saying, "Dear talent ...I wish you would stay away from overconfidence and delusion....they are constantly conspiring against you...don't you see it?" This tweet from the film-maker had come when Kangana's fight with Hrithik Roshan was at its peak.

After this, he came with another cryptic tweet that was apparently targeted at Prabhas. "Dear Ambition...if you have to achieve your full potential stay away from your arch nemesis....Comparison!," he had tweeted.

This tweet came at a time when there were rumours that Prabhas had hiked his fees to around Rs 20 crore after it was reported that Karan was keen to launch him in Bollywood.