The lockdown has been an eye-opener for many. All the celebrities have found ways to cope that work for them and have been using social media to keep in touch with the world. This has given us many entertaining moments under lockdown.

Karan Johar has been posting a series of videos as part of his #lockdownwiththejohars series. However, the series may be coming to an end, as the series is costing the producer-director heavily. His children have made him the target, and Karan Johar is now reaching a breaking point.

Karan Johar with kids

Yash and Roohi target Karan Johar's dancing skills

The lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic has brought many issues to the fore. Bollywood has been winding down and giving audiences insight into what their lockdown is looking like. Karan Johar has been very proactive in doing so. 

He began posting numerous videos with his kids and it was all cute fun and games until it backfired on Karan Johar himself. His kids Yash and Roohi first criticised his choice of clothes, his fashion sense which the world found extremely hilarious. Then they moved on to other talents that they revealed their father doesn't possess.

Recently they took a bite at his singing skills telling him in plain terms, "No!" The director tried to look for a supporter of his mother, who had already chosen the majority. Karan Johar didn't let it tarnish his spirit, and was a sport about it when earlier today the two kids stuck another knife in his heart. 

Yash and Roohi let their father know that he possesses no dancing skills so to speak. Karan Johar lost his sporting spirit and motivation to continue the bashing further. He captioned his post, "Ok I have had enough!!!!!!!! I want to weep into my blanket! I am the Talentless MR JOHAR according to my children!" 

Clearly, the two will have a lot to answer for as they grow up in case their opinions change. Karan Johar didn't need to go far to find trolls, no isolation or lockdown is going to keep him from it.