Kids are known to be honest. What happens when they're too honest? Stars are getting multiple reality checks this lockdown. But, Karan Johar is getting truth bomb after truth bomb from none other than his kids.

In Karan Johar's latest lockdown video, his son Yash unabashedly tells his father that he is 'boring'. This left Karan Johar astounded, few have the guts to tell Karan Johar these opinions, but clearly Yash has more rights than anybody else in the world. 

Karan Johar
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Yash trolls Karan Johar big time

Karan Johar has been spending the majority of his lockdown with his kids. It's nothing short of cuteness overload when there's so much happening over Coronavirus in the world. It started off as fun and games. 

When Karan began shooting the videos he probably had different ideas. As this process becomes more common, his kids are growing more bold day after day. Nobody can call out Karan Johar as his kids can. Recently the twins ripped apart Karan Johar's wardrobe, letting him know he could do better. The diss scarred Karan Johar, but many felt it was the truth he had to hear at some point.

Today, in the Bollywood director's latest video, Yash took a major shot at his Dad, letting him know he's 'boring', with no sugar-coating. Karan Johar's who is bemused and unsettled asks him why and his son lets him know that it's because Coronavirus is happening in the world. Well, the fact remains a fact. 

Perhaps, Karan Johar's journey of the #lockdownwiththejohars has had a major plot twist, and it's backfiring on him. Well, his kids clearly don't give two hoots that their father precedes his reputation.