A massive explosion shattered the windows of several homes in Karachi at around 10.20 pm (local time) on Tuesday night.

The sound of the explosion reportedly was heard in several neighbourhoods of Karachi. Pakistan's Dawn reported that the loud explosion was heard in Nazimabad, North Karachi, Orangi Town, Lyari, Banaras and Manghopir's Mianwali Colony.

Local residents told Pakistani media that they smelt gun-powder in the air following the explosion.

The incident triggered several speculations on Twitter. Some social media users claimed that it was a plane crash, others speculated it was a drone attack. Pakistani Daily - Tribune, citing the Civil Aviation Authority rubbished the claim that a plane had crashed in Karachi.

A few Karachi residents claimed that the explosion was the result of a plane breaking the sound barrier.

More details awaited...

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Hasnain ‏@HasnainKarachi

Drone attack, Plane crash or Bomb blast ? #YouDecide #KarachiBlast

Ayesha Ahmed ‏@Ayeshahmed123 

No plane Crash!

Hammad Moazzam ‏@Hammad_Moazzam

#CAA Confirm no Plane Crash & I don't Know Why Pakistan Airforce Spokesman Did not Confirm any news about the Blast.

Syeda Zoha Abbas ‏@AbbasZoha 

50 ambulances, DIG West and News Reporters roaming around the city trying to spot the location of the #KarachiBlast .

Haris Izhar ‏@haris84 

#karachiblast sound barrier broken by a PAF plane?

Saeed Ansari ‏@SaeedAnsari 

A blast with no evidence..did we develop a new weapon? #KarachiBlast