Singer Sukhwinder Singh on The Kapil Sharma Show
Singer Sukhwinder Singh on The Kapil Sharma ShowPR Handout

This week's episode of SET's The Kapil Sharma Show will witness the presence of energetic singer Sukhwinder Singh, who reveals the real reason why AR Rahman works only at night on the sets of the show.

Sukhwinder Singh is popular nationally and internationally for his songs and the concerts he conducts across the globe. From giving listeners cult songs like, Chhaiyya Chaiyya from the movie Bombay to singing the Oscar award winning song, 'Jai Ho' from Slumdog Millionaire, he admires the work of AR Rahman and reveals the real reason why he works only at night on the sets of the show.

When Kapil Sharma asked Sukhwinder Singh about his experience working with the legendary AR Rahman, he reveals that he is a genuine and a talented personality, who prefers working post 11.00 pm and because of that, Sukhwinder ended up ignoring Rahman saahab for almost one year.

Sukhwinder says, "After landing a project together, I was exposed to his immense talent and the passion he had for music and since then, I ended up working with him for long 5 years. One day, out of curiosity I asked him to reveal the real reason of working in the night to which AR Rahman said that he likes explores his creativity in the night in silence only."

The singer also revealed that during the making of Taal, Subhash Ghai was curious to know the kind of music that would a part of his film. He requested music director AR Rahman to let him in the studio at night 3:30 am so that he could get a glimpse of the music he could look forward to. Sukhwinder Singh added, "I was the only person to make the music director laugh with my punjabi jokes which I used to translate in English to make them understand."

Further in the show, Shailendra Singh, director and producer of One India My India revealed that he worked in Shamiana Taj earning a salary of Rs 1,280 only at that time. On the show, he offered ₹1 crore to Krushna Abhishek for playing the character of Sapna with finesse.

Responding to the director Krushna Abhishek humorously added that he was happy to know that the cheque was from a bank in Nalasopara. Listening to this, everyone on sets burst out laughing.