Salman Khan is much-loved around the country. He is also known for his big heart and charity. His organisation Being Human has engaged in some incredible social work. Still, every action of a star may not always be the most respectful. 

In 2019, Salman Khan had appeared on Kapil Sharma's Show with his brothers and father. The show was successful then. But, recently a clip from the show has been going viral where help from the household who has been with the family for very long- Gangaram came on stage. The teasing that ensued has rubbed netizens the wrong way as many are finding it demeaning. 

Kapil Sharma and Salman Khan
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Salman Khan's help Gangaram getting teased on Kapil Sharma Show

The Kapil Sharma Show is known for teasing Bollywood stars, guests and the audience. The brand of humour is such that one should be able to laugh at themselves. Still, not all humour is funny to everybody. A clip from one of the episodes in 2019 has been making the rounds. 

When Salman Khan and his family had appeared on the show in January 2019, they brought onto stage one dear house help, Gangaram. Apparently, when Salim Khan was married he came as dahej or dowry. Kapil Sharma invited Gangaram on stage and then the "fun" ensued.

When he came on stage the brothers and Salim Khan teased him for how he spoke on the phone, Salim Khan also added that Gangaram had 'power' as when he had scolded him once, his wife didn't speak to him for 6 months. They also pulled his leg for not knowing Kapil Sharma. But, Sohail did add that Gangaram was 'loyal' and 'sweet'. It all seemed to be said in jest and good humour.

In 2019, when the show aired not many took notice of this instance. Now, as the clip is circulating many are finding the fun poked at Gangaram distasteful and problematic. Somebody commented on the video, "Simply insulting the poor guy then admire him to cover themselves." A few pointed out Gangaram's silence and discomfort. Some called it the worst episode. Still, there were others who thought the Khan family loved their servants like their own and admired them for their closeness. 

One asks whether bygones should be left bygones...