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The Kapil Sharma Show, which is one of the top television shows, always manages to leave millions of its audience worldwide in splits with its clean and tongue-in-cheek humour. There is no doubt that a lot goes into to be able to make people laugh and Kapil has definitely struggled a lot to reach such a position where he is known as the king of comedy.

And in a recently shot episode, Kapil opened up about the struggles he had to go through while making a career choice. He also spoke about the reason why he married late while shooting the episode with three hasya-kavis - Anjum Rahbar, Arun Gemini and Pradeep Chaube.

While talking to the artists, Kapil revealed to the audience that he used to get rejected for marriage as people thought that one can't earn a livelihood by making people laugh. "Whenever I used to go to see a girl, her parents asked me about my career to which I replied saying that I am a comedian. I have always got weird replies like, 'being a comedian is fine, but what do you do to earn money?' And this was the reason I have always been rejected for marriages as everybody thought this art of mine cannot make me earn bread and butter for my family," Kapil mentioned on the show, BollywoodLife reported.

To this, Arun Gemini hilariously added, "Even my mother-in-law till date asks me what to tell her relatives about my career. She still cannot digest the fact that her son-in-law earns through his mere art of poetry writing." The episode will be aired soon.

Although late, Kapil is now happily married to Ginni Chatrath after dating for a few years. The couple got hitched in Amritsar in December 2018.