Comedy Nights With Kapil
Hrithik Roshan with Palak and Gutthi on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil [Varinder Chawla]Varinder Chawla

Shocking as it may seem, Kapil Sharma was seen supporting his competitor Sunil Grover's show "Mad in India."

Grover's role of Chutki in the comedy show "Mad in India" premiered on Sunday night. Though the show is considered to be a direct competition to the popular "Comedy Nights with Kapil", Sharma seems to have no hard feelings against his former co-star's show.

The actor even took to twitter to wish Grover's show luck on Monday.

Grover quitting "CNWK" last year made news, as reports of the fall out between the two stars did the rounds. To add to the discord, Colors TV was seen issuing a legal notice against Grover's for aping "Gutthi" character, which they stamped as a copyrighted material.

However, amid several speculations Grover announced his new show "Mad in India."

Grover in interviews has firmly stated that his character of the eccentric Punjabi girl (Gutthi) could not be trademarked, since it was based on his personal experiences and observations of mannerisms of different people.

On Sunday, Grover's "Mad in India" premiered and had Yoga guru Baba Ramdev as its first celebrity guest. Meanwhile, in attempt to compete with the show's anticipated debut, "CNWK" slotted the grand wedding episode of Pinky Bua.