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Just like any other celebrity, Kapil Sharma too has been a victim of social media trolls. While the comedy king has often given a piece of his mind to trollers on social media, he has now learnt to ignore them.

At a recent event, Kapil, who attended it with Super Dancer 3 judge Shilpa Shetty, elaborated his thought on trolls in his own funny way. When asked how he reacts to trolls on social media, Kapil categorised them into three parts. "There are three kinds of followers on social media, one are fans, the second are fans who are also critics and the third breed is of velle (useless) ones. I thank fans who tell me or bring to my notice constructive criticism, but then the third breed has no job but to just spread negativity," Mid-Day quoted him as saying.

He further added: "They are like unplanned children who have come to the world without any planning. They were born because the weather was good. But I have understood that the only way to ignore them is to not pay any attention to them. Initially, I used to react, but now I have started ignoring them. Today, with free data available, people are always on the phone and don't even give a second thought while talking nonsense on social media."

Meanwhile, in a recently shot episode, Kapil opened up about the struggles he had to go through while making a career choice. He also spoke about the reason why he married late while shooting the episode with three hasya-kavis - Anjum Rahbar, Arun Gemini and Pradeep Chaube.

While talking to the artists, Kapil revealed to the audience that he used to get rejected for marriage as people thought that one can't earn a livelihood by making people laugh. Although late, Kapil is now happily married to Ginni Chatrath after dating for a few years. The couple got hitched in Amritsar in December 2018.

Kapil Sharma
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