Miley Cyrus performs on NBC's 'Today' show in New York
Singer Miley Cyrus performs on NBC's 'Today' show in New York, October 7, 2013. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Miley Cyrus revealed she loves working with Kanye West because of the unconditional support he offered her both before and after her infamous VMA performance in August.

Soon after her infamous VMA performance this year, reports had it that Miley Cyrus was collaborating with Kanye West for a new project. Though no details about the project have been revealed yet, Cyrus opened up to Ryan Seacrest about why she wants to work with West.

Apparently, West was one of the few people who supported the "Wrecking Ball" singer, both before and after her highly criticized performance. Cyrus revealed that prior to her performance; West had already predicted that the singer was going to do wonders on stage.

"You're going to do something kind of insane tonight. It's going to be memorable and awesome," was what West told Cyrus before she went to perform "We Can't Stop" and a duet with Robin Thicke, Hollywood Life reports. "I had wanted to go out after [the show], but we had decided to go into the studio and we started working and my whole thing is no matter what I do, I just want to be around people that really believe in me. And that's why him and I started working together."

While previous reports claimed that Cyrus and West were working on a remix of his song "Black Skinhead," new sources claim that the two have created on a brand new and previously unheard song for an upcoming Kanye West EP.

Though it may sound peculiar, West and Cyrus do have a lot in common including their capability to get into highly publicized scandals and their evident dislike for the paparazzi. The two have also revealed several times that they intend on staying true to their artistic visions, despite the public's opinions.

"The support of other artists is important because there are not many people who can relate to what I'm going through right now. Kanye West is one of those people, and even Katy Perry has been so cool," Cyrus recently told Cosmopolitan. "It's easy for Kanye to support me because we're in totally separate lanes of competition, but for Katy to say that she appreciates what I'm really doing for the pop industry, that keeps you going. And I mean, who cares what the media buzz is if Kanye West is telling you that you're the s***?"