Kannada TV actor rapes a TV actress
[Representational Image] Tejas Gowda alias Abhi Gowda arrested by Chikkaballapur police over rape allegations.Creative Commons

A lesser-known Kannada TV actor, Tejas Gowda alias Abhi Gowda, who is also said to be a production manager, has been arrested by Chikkaballapur police over rape allegations made by a TV actress. She has accused him of raping her several times since 2012

In the complaint, the victim claims that they studied engineering in the same college. After trying to be her friend, he confessed to being in love with her before raping her in 2012. Her opposition was silenced with a promise of marriage.

It happened on numerous of occasion and even after they started working for a TV channel. The actress further alleges that Tejas Gowda forced himself on her in December 2018 in her room and got her pregnant.

He asked her to abort the baby upon realising about her pregnancy. The actress adds that she decided to break her silence after he planned to marry another girl.

She says that Tejas Gowda threatened to leak their private pictures and videos on the internet if she files a complaint, while also threatening to spray acid on her face.