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Shuddhi is the latest addition to the growing list of quality movies made by youngsters in Sandalwood. The Kannada film, with a fresh cast and crew,  has struck a chord with the critics and celebrities. The film hits the screens on Friday, March 17, amid huge buzz.

The trailer of Shuddhi looked promising. Hollywood actress Lauren Spartano's dialogue - I am not from here, but I belong to the same gender which gave you birth – had turned heads, and generated curiosity around the film. A trailer of this film got over 3.70 lakh hits on YouTube, which is quite a number for a Kannada film.

Shuddhi is a crime-drama that narrates the spiritual journey of an American girl in India. After landing here, she joins two journalists, who fight against the country's lenient Juvenile Justice Act. The film is based on real incidents.

People, who have already seen the movie, opined that it is a story of resilience, and called the movie a gem. The movie is written and directed by Adarsh Eshwarappa. His story and screenplay, along with the brilliant performances of Lauren Spartano, Nivedhitha, Amrutha Karagada and Shashank Purushottam have impressed one and all.

The makers held a special screening for celebrities and critics recently. Here, we bring to you the response of people who have watched the flick:

Pawan Kumar: Watched it last night. I recommend.This week you will get to hear stories of 6 women... 3 in Shuddhi and 3 in Urvi. Both have a similar theme but they are two extremes when it comes to how the themes are handled. Both would be an interesting watch.
200 x 2 = 6 stories ;-P

Anu Prabhakar: #SHUDDHI Had the privilege of watching this movie last night and I must say it's one of the best movies in any language that I have seen in a long long time... Adarsh H.Eshwarappa and team kudos to you guys for trying something so bold and bringing it onto the big screen so powerfully!!!! Congrats to the whole cast and crew!!!

Sunil Raoh: Was looking forward to this movie. Watched it last night, and it did not disappoint! In these times when we as a society are guilty of forgetting too quickly, this film reminds you about the things that really need to change. Congratulations, Adarsh H Eshwarappa, on making a hard hitting movie. Your courage and conviction are admirable. This is a film that needed to be made and deserves to be watched, by everybody!

MEGHANA RAJ‏: #Shuddhi (kannada) is hard hitting, intense and brilliantly made! Realistic performances..beautiful music! Loved the film... a must watch!

Chandru Nagathihalli‏: @Udayavani_News #SHUDDHI #remrkble flm wth wrldcls technicalities.Dirctr didn't misuse da #hot seqncs.Womencentric film by 'feministic' men!

Jogi‏:#Shuddhi is absolutely gripping. It absorbs you and moves you. Proud about the whole team.

Meghana Gaonkar‏: Watched 'Shuddhi' last night. Kudos to the team for making this film. Everyone please go watch it. Hopefully things will change in some way!

Audience Review
Vishwas Koundinya: #Shuddhi Loved every bit of it. Wonderful performances by all the actors, #Director has crafted movie very well... Khudos to BGM.. Need more such content oriented movies.
Enjoyed premier show. Thanks for invitation Bhupesh.
Congratulations Adarsh H Eshwarappa Bhupesh Belagali M G Naveen Narasimha Deepak Subramanya Go watch #Shuddhi on Friday 17th March.. #Shuddhified #letsshuddify.

Malthesh Ravi: Shuddhi...Such an awesome work which involves all real incidents into a suspense thriller with a revenge story. Screenplay is the heart of the movie and the first time I experienced such an amazing sound recording in the Kannada industry which shows crime scenes so effectively without displaying much of blood & keeps the tempo on edge of the seat. Each & every dialogue has strong meaning & a message, especially those English lines from the character of karlyn takes movie into next level. No build up scenes, no unwanted dialogues, no boring songs, everything is right in the place and suits perfectly to the title "SHUDDHI" and the tag line.. Ultimate realistic experience of Shuddhifying. Climax just gives you an unexpected twist & gives a work to your mind to think twice on the script to understand. Moreover I have not seen such a brilliant script which is completely women oriented. Hats off to team "SHUDDHI"
Adarsh H Eshwarappa has proven that true talent,skills & passion can create a master peace with available sources and he is a one of the true talent which our Industry is looking for.

Nikhil Joshi‏2: #shuddhi is not just entertainment it is empowerment,a story of resilience, known narrative with different narration style.Applause n cheers
An overflowing number of people, were caught in rapt attention,proving the prowess of #Shuddhi in all Aspects,headed in promising direction.
#Shuddhi basing the movie on real incidents and hold audience attention is a challenge well lived up by @AdarshEshwar great effort, kudos!