Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has lashed out at Twinkle Khanna for an old interview where she compared men to 'plastic bags'. Kangana has called her a 'privileged brat' and questioned her take on feminism. She also called her a 'nepo kid' who was trying to be 'cool'. This is not the first time, however, when Kangana has launched an attack on a starkid.

Twinkle Khanna
Twinkle KhannaInstagram

What Twinkle Khanna had said

Twinkle Khanna, in an old interaction, had revealethat in her family they never spoke about feminism or equality. However, it was always ingrained in their brains that a woman doesn't really need a man to function or be. "We never spoke about feminism or equality or anything. But it was very clear that there was absolutely no need for a man. It would be very nice to have a man, like you would have a nice handbag. But even if you had a plastic bag it would do (sic)."

Twinkle further stated, "So I grew up with that notion and for a long time I felt that there wasn't much use for them (sic)."

Kangana's opinion on Twinkle's take on men
Kangana's opinion on Twinkle's take on menInstagram

Kangana's take

Sharing a video clip of Twinkle's interview, Kangana wrote, "What are these privileged brats who call their men polythene bags, are they trying to be cool? Nepo kids born with silver spoon, given film careers on golden platters, couldn't do justice to that for sure, least they could do find some joy and fulfilment in selflessness of motherhood that also seems like a curse in their case what exactly do they want to be? Vegetables? Is that feminism? (sic)."

After the release of Thalaivi, Kangana had claimed that Akshay Kumar had made secret calls to her to praise her performance in the film but couldn't do it openly due to movie mafia terror.