Kangana Ranaut, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Kangana Ranaut at the "In Conversation with the Mystic 2018" session along with Sadhguru Jaggi VasudevYouTube screenshot

Kangana Ranaut has once again landed herself in trouble and this time for her disparaging remarks on India's liberal class and allegedly 'justifying' mob lynching in the name of protecting cow.

The Queen actress while interacting on Wednesday, August 8 night with the media at the "In Conversation with the Mystic 2018" session along with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, said that liberals were trying to incite civil war. She added that liberals in India are those people who will not take you into their group unless you start hating the same people as they do.

Speaking about cow vigilantism in India, Kangana gave an example while she was filming for upcoming film Manikarnika, a biopic on the queen of Jhansi Rani Lakshmibai. She said that the crew decided to change the scene where Lakshmibai saves a calf to the one where she saves a lamb as they didn't want to unnecessary highlight lynchings that had been carried out in the past few years in the country in the name of cow protection.

"I'm working on a martyr's biopic Manikarnika where there is a scene where my protagonist, Laxmi Bai, goes and saves a calf. My crew had a discussion, we halted the shoot. They said 'we can't save a calf' because we don't want to look like cow savers," she said.

She further added, "When such a prejudice thrives, as a person you feel very protective of who you are and what your values are, and you want to save all animals and you definitely want to save the cows because the prejudice is really agonizing. But (then) lynching for cows takes place and you look like an idiot. You feel conflicted. You want to save the animals but when the lynching happens, you feel heartbroken at what's going on. And then, you jump to the other side, which has always been criticising and never wanting to protect cows...these are so-called liberals."

"When a war breaks, liberals are the first ones to say...to demotivating an army man who is protecting the borders for you. A rape takes place in Kashmir and they say 'Hindustan raped our daughter'. To be pointing fingers at each other when the country is so vulnerable and trying to break a civil war. Is that what liberals do?" Kangana added while talking about soldiers fighting on the border and Kathua rape case that took place in January.

Kangana's derogatory remarks on Indian liberals were followed by Sadguru's affirmation when he interrupted the actress and said that liberals are fanatics.

Sadguru further asserted a theory about the significance of cows in India stating that those who debate about lynchings are cut off from reality.

"This whole lynching debate that has been going on in the country... these people who are talking about it have not seen India, they have not seen India at all. They are just living in cities and studios and endlessly talking about this, let me say this clearly. I have always been connected with rural life. In my life I have witnessed 3 lynchings. (Okay I witnessed). In two, they were killed in other one nearly killed. One was 'cos they believed this man was stealing their children, other was about stealing cows, and third, if you cut a tree and take it from his farm, these are three things for which lynching will happen. I have seen all three varieties," he said.

"I'm not trying to approve (that) this is the way to do it. All I'm saying is when a mob tries to enforce their idea of justice, this is how it gets enforced unfortunately, that's where we are, we need to understand, that's where we are. If we want to change this there are many things we need to do. Law enforcement needs to come on all levels of life, law enforcement has not reached the entire geography of this nation let's get to that, we need to do that," he concluded.

Kangana and Sadguru interaction on gau raksha and mob violence didn't go down well with Twitter users who slammed the two for justifying sensitive subjects on a public platform.