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She is the fierce actress who spits out the fire when someone does wrong or tries to take a dig at her, yes, she is Kangana Ranaut. She came into the limelight around 14 years ago in the Anurag Basu directorial 'Gangster' opposite Emraan Hashmi and Shiney Ahuja. Not only was she a complete outsider to the industry but a 15-year-old teenager when she became Basu's choice for the role!

Since then, Kangana has went on to star in a number of films and engaged in serious quarrels alongside but a surprising fact about her is that she replaced a well-established actress before landing a role in her debut film.

Yes, while we have already mentioned that she was filmmaker Anurag's choice for 'Gangster', the film's producer Mahesh Bhatt had some other actress in mind as Kangana would have appeared too young to play the mother of a five-year-old.

Kangana replaced this actress

Speaking about it, in a recent interview, Kangana expressed, "Anurag is my godfather. He just picked me, auditioned me and gave me a break."

Finally, she disclosed the other actress in Bhatt's mind was Chitrangada Singh and said, "There were people around, like Gangster producer Mahesh Bhatt, who wanted Chitrangda Singh, because he thought I was too young to play the mother of a five-year-old kid. He was right, too, because I was still a minor then. But Anurag believed in me and fought for me."

Kangana Ranaut, Chitrangada Singh

Seems like Anurag was too fascinated that he worked on Kangana a lot, just to bring out the best in her. "He also worked a lot on me. I was a theatre actor, but Anurag didn't want me to act. He wanted me to surrender myself to the camera. The foundation of my acting, which is strong, subtle, natural and universally appealing, comes from him," Mumbai Mirror quoted her as saying.

Kangana gushes about mentor Anurag

"He's one of the best directors we have and I have only taken from him, not added anything to his life. I hope someday I get the chance to give something back, too," she gushed.

Just a few days back, the filmmaker too exuded happiness over Kangana's success saying that he never though she would make it so big.

Kangana made her debut in 2006 in a film that turned out to be a fairly good film. Currently, she is awaiting the release of her next 'Panga' directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari. The film will hit big screens on January 24.

Kangana Ranaut production house

Inaugurates production house

She has also inaugurated her production house Manikarnika Films recently. She also faced the heat of Twitterati for her nepotism remark because Kangana's brother Akshit has joined the company in the financial and legal team.