Kangana Ranaut Hrithik Roshan emails
A still from Krrish 3 featuring Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut.

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan's legal tussle has shown fresh developments over the past few days. On Monday, Republic TV revealed the first part of Hrithik's last year's sensational 29-page complaint where he alleged Kangana of stalking and hounding.

And now, the channel has published a set of emails that were filed as a part of the annexures by Hrithik's lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani in his client's complaint to the Mumbai Police alleging that Hrithik was being stalked by Kangana.

Here are some of the excerpts of the emails that are reproduced in full by Republic TV in their report.

From: Kangana Ranaut kangana***ranaut@gmail.com
Subject: My messages
Date: 13 July 2014 9:14 pm
To: hroshan@mac.com

Before i send you next mail, i'd like you to tell me where and how would you like to receive my messages.

Would you like another account for us, or should we use text messaging? Is there any other medium that you suggest?

I am ok with anything, I just want us to trust each other and for that lets try and talk about our concerns and worries without judging each other.

I am going to keep everything to myself now, I won't even tell Rangoli or my mom that we are talking :).

Also i don't like visiting your twitter account, please try and write to me directly, i don't want anyone to read your messages that are meant for me :).

I have a feeling the worse is over, everything is going to be fine now.

Hows your shoot going?
Do you like Prague ?

I'd like to go there someday :)

From: Kangana Ranaut kangana***ranaut@gmail.com
Subject: why don't we talk?
Date: 15 August 2014 1:06 am
To: Hrithik
e mail hroshan@mac.com

what is your plan baby?
when you had the other id at least you used to talk, this silence is hard to handle.
why don't you make another id?

i am not crazy about receiving mails from this particular id of yours, if something makes you comfortable, then why not?
i am not fussy.

some exchange of thoughts, some talk, i can't be talking to myself for very long....

hmmm ?

From: Kangana Ranaut kangana***ranaut@gmail.com
Date: 15 August 2014 6:16 pm
Hrithik e mail hroshan@mac.com

do you find it weird to receive my mails at your work mail id.
it must be annoying, i dont mind it
i got one id for everything, that too gets too much sometimes byt for someone like you, it can be a nuisance to mix work and romantic mails.
i understand baby, should i try
sending mails on your earlier id?
email.com one?

would you activate that please?

From: Kangana Ranaut kangana***ranaut@gmail.com
Subject: Is our love for real?
Date: 17 August 2014 2:22 pm
Hrithik e
mail hroshan@mac.com

sometimesi feel so unsure of everything.
does our love really exist or its just a phantasy?

is our love for real or is it an imaginary person that i talk to?
why don't you ever talk to me? if our love is real then why is it intangible?
real things are tangible,
arn't they?

what if someday i meet you and you tell me that you haven't received anything, you don't even know me, you never loved me.

what will i do then? will i ever recover from that revelation of that fatal reality.
will i get another chance to start all over again?
or will my life just be a broken dream?

i feel something, something that i never felt before, i feel fear and i am scared...

From: Kangana Ranaut kangana***ranaut@gmail.com

Subject: My messages

Date: 15 August 2014 1:24 am

To: hroshan@mac.com

talk to me.....

From: Kangana Ranaut kangana***ranaut@gmail.com

Subject: My messages

Date: 15 August 2014 1:35 am

To: hroshan@mac.com

good night baby.

I love you.

Excerpts from email 3

From: Kangana Ranaut kangana***ranaut@gmail.com


Date: 24 August 2014 6:51 pm

To: hroshan@mac.com

I am going to make some coffee.

Another thing i wanted to ask, do you watch tv?

I wasn't allowed to watch tv as a kid, occasionally they let me see disney hour on zee tv, then i went to hostel we could watch tv there on sundays but seniors won't let us and since i have been on my own i never really switched it on.

Only time i saw films is in flights or research material here and there on my laptop that too very rarely.

I am given a list of films from NYFA to watch and a dvd guy came and put some system which got all the movies that i asked for along with all international classics and all that popular stuff.

Its been over a month, dvd fellow is calling for my feedback, whether or not i am ok with the system and the movies that he's uploaded.


There is nothing to feel scared about all of us are different we must understand each other and be considerate, that's all baby.

Also though i know deepika won't call, because that's has been happening for past 4 days now but the fact that she said and she didn't, starts to play on my mind and makes me depressed.

Even though i know its because of my disorder that i get so serious about trivial matters but i am still feeling bad that she's saying meaningless things.

I really hope she does that or i will always feel bad about her behavior.

Alsoi feel so agitated because this situation leaves me with many confusing questions, what should my behavior be now?

What should i say if she says, i am calling, or are you free/

If i am free i will say i am free then she will say lets meet then i will think i am meeting her then she won't reply...

She's doing this everyday now.

Is she innocently busy?or is this a trick?

How will i ever know?

If i retort and say something rude then would she be hurt?what is the normal behavior in this situation?

I feel i will go mad, what should i do? I don't want to meet her but if i don't reply i feel i am not replying.

See i am panicing..

i feel like crying now.

Excerpts from email 4

From: Kangana Ranaut kangana***ranaut@gmail.com


Date: 28 August 2014 9:14 pm

To: hroshan@mac.com

Where are you baby?

I cancelled my meetings today and tomorrow Rangs and Neha are not coming.

Its Ganesh Chaturthi and on the weekends they don't come anyway.

I have a separate room in my house which got a separate entrance to it, I have converted that in toan office and my staff operates from there.

I sent you a picture of it.

I use that space for workshops or narrations also.


I have so much to tell you in these mails but why didn't i ever speak to you?

We had so many opportunities, nut most of the time i remember sitting in awkward silence and later on feeling frustrated about it.

But now its making sense.

Its not that i don't want to talk, i just don't know how to start talking, when we were in Dubai, in Rakes ji's room that night, Priyanka spoke all night and my stories were on the tip of my tongue, that could've been our last night together and i had so much to say.

But i just didn't know when to say it, everytime my turn came i became nervous and everything went blank, i just managed to look calm, that's how i am all the time.

When we meet i won't be this person you get to meet in these mails, i will be the quite girl who you know, who stares at you hoping to say something and never finds the right time or right words.

But i will mail you :).

Earlier, Hrithik Roshan's father and filmmaker Rakesh Roshan told DNA that they have submitted their complaint with all the proof to the cybercrime branch on April 8, 2017, and hopes that the truth will come out soon.