Queen Kangana Ranaut is no new to the controversies. Even amid the pandemic, she has been extensively making headlines ever since she took up the bandwagon to get justice for the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. She is one of the voices that claimed that Sushant did not commit suicide and a deep investigation must be done. From calling out the Bollywood Mafias and biggies to directly targeting suspects and politicians, Kangana did not shy in pulling the big guns.

She not only claimed that Sushant was a victim of a vicious scandal of Bollywood but also said that her life is in danger in Mumbai. Kangana, who is an ardent supporter of BJP, said that Shiv Sena's Sanjay Raut has threatened her and now she feels unsafe going back to Mumbai.

sanjay raut vs kangana ranaut

She shared a post on Twitter and the lines from the same read, "Why is Mumbai feeling like Pakistan-occupied- Kashmir". This did not go down well with the Bollywood celebs and Shiv Sena and Sanjay Raut said, " We kindly request her not to come to Mumbai. This is nothing but an insult to the Mumbai Police. The Home Ministry should take action over it."

Kangana Ranaut
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Not only this, but Raut also called Kangana, 'Haramkhor Ladki' on the national television. After condemning the derogatory remark on Twitter, Kangana has posted a video on Instagram slamming the political leader. With anger in her eyes and rage in her words, Ranaut has backlashed Sanjay for his remark and his threat of not coming back to Mumbai.

She said that it's an insult to the daughters of India and they will never forgive Raut for that. Tanu weds Manu fame also claimed that Sanjay's sick mentality is the reason why crime against women is rising.

Watch the video here:

Kangana on coming back to Mumbai: Stop me if you dare

Kangana has been asked by the political leader of Shiv Sena to not come back to Mumbai but on the contrary, the Dhakkad girl has challenged the government saying, "I see many people are threatening me to not come back to Mumbai so I have now decided to travel to Mumbai this coming week on 9th September, I will post the time when I land at the Mumbai airport, kisi ke baap mein himmat hai toh rok le (Stop me if you dare)."