Kangana Ranaut was on the news again this time for her Twitter spat with Diljit Dosanjh. Somewhere, in between their conversation, the mention of Karan Johar made the producer become a trending topic again, although this time Karan Johar had nothing to do with the actress.

Neither did he insult her publicly, nor did he mention her in any tweets. This time it was Diljit Dosanjh who questioned the vociferous actress, for sharing a piece of fake news from her social media account. 

Kangana Diljit Kjo

During the spat when Kangana mentioned that, "Kjo kaise kaam deta hain yeh sab ko patah hain,( We all know what kind of work Karan Johar makes you do', a verified user named Vaibhav Vishal, took to Twitter and said, "KJo kaise kaam deta hai yeh sab ko pata hai". She's insinuating that since Karan Johar is supposedly homosexual, he physically exploits his actors before giving them work. And Diljit has gone through the rigmarole. Vile and ugly, this isn't delusional shitposting anymore. Chhi!."

The post was shared by director Hansal Mehta, who had earlier collaborated with Kangana Ranaut for the film, 'Simran'. Kangana replied to the director and said, "Ha ha ha Hansal sir aap itna X rated kabse sochne lage ? Kaise kaam deta hai matlab reason could be chaploosi also na since that's what I accused him of in previous tweets, itna innovative kaise ho gaye ? deprived ho kya itna sex sex chalta hai dimaag mein". 

Kangana Ranaut is one of the actresses from the Hindi film industry who is extremely vociferous about her vision, her philosophies. Recently, when the Bombay High Court slammed the Shiv Sena government for demolishing her establishment in Mumbai, the court had also advised her to refrain from making insensitive comments on social media.