Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Suk
Kang Ye Won and Oh Min SukInstagram/Oh Min Suk

If there's a couple that seems deeply in love on Korean variety show "We Got Married," it is Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Suk. Their virtual marriage on the reality show seems to have brought them closer. It remains to be seen if their relationship will continue, now that the show has ended.

In the Season 4 finale episode of "We Got Married," the couple drove around and filmed their day by themselves. They revealed they didn't want the camera crew around because they wanted to spend time alone. Like most normal couples, Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Suk shopped and grabbed a bite in Myeongdong.

However, the question on Ye Won's mind was on the fate of her relationship with Min Suk. She asked her partner, "What happens when the video's over?" Soompi quoted him as saying, "We'll just say 'See you tomorrow!' It's just our time on the show that's ending, not our relationship."

Perhaps this was the confirmation she needed. The reality star joked later and even laughed about her experience on the MBC drama "We Got Married."

Later on in the episode, Ye Won burst into tears again as she saw videos of them together at the MBC studio. While she was emotionally overwhelmed, her better half comforted her and said all the right things. Min Suk added, "Even after this is over, let's stay in contact and help each other. Don't think of it as the end. Let's meet next week."

While most couples separate after the reality show ends, Min Suk seemed hopeful of their future. It became clear the two would try their best to be together. In his private interview, a teary-eyed Min Suk said: "I'm always grateful to her for showing what she felt through her actions. She made me feel like I'm a better person than I thought I was."