Kanchana 3 Actress Sexual Harassment Case
Ri Djavi Alexander with Raghava Lawrence.Ri Djavi Alexander Instagram Account

A photographer named Roopesh Kumar has been reportedly arrested by MRC Nagar cops in Chennai following a sexual harassment complaint against him by actress Ri Djavi Alexander, who was recently seen in Raghava Lawrence's Kanchana 3.

In the complaint, the actress reportedly claimed that she did a photoshoot with Roopesh Kumar after he approached her of helping her to get offers in films. Once the photoshoot was done, he started pestering her to give him a sexual favour in return for getting work in Kollywood.

He went on an extent of threatening her to his fulfil his desire failing which he would spread morphed pictures of her on internet which would damages her reputation and prospects in film industry, she explains in the complaint.

Based on the complaint, the cops collect evidences against him and arrested him on Wednesday, 24 April.

Ri Djavi Alexander is a Russian model and actress who is presently staying in Chennai. She was seen in the role named Rosie in Kanchana 3 recently.

In the recent years, many such instances of sexual harassment is coming to light. Notably, Amala Paul was approached by a Chennai-based business in a studio last year and sexually harassed her. After she filed a complaint, the accused was arrested. 

Amala Paul Hot in Bikini
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Kanchana 3 on Fire at Box Office

Meanwhile, Kanchana 3, which has Oviyaa, Vedhika and Nikki Tamboli, is completing its first week on a high note. The movie has grossed over Rs 20 crore at the Tamil Nadu box office in seven days.