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The most-awaited horror comedy "Kanchana 2" written and directed by Raghva Lawrence has been released. It looks likes the movie has met the expectations and has managed to strike a chord with the audience.

In the movie, Lawrence plays the role of a cameraman. One of the biggest positives of the movie is said to be the way the film is narrated. The movie is fast-paced and does not have any loop hole in the script.

The other major highlight of the movie is said to be performance of the actors, cinematography, songs and dance sequences.

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Spooks, thrills and entertainment are rest assured along with a flashback in films like Kanchana but how entertaining is it, is all that matters. The core theme of the film looks pretty much the same as its predecessors and like how Lawrence managed to slip in some useful social messages through his earlier films, he has managed to knot one or two useful social messages along with the narration.

Unlike the previous versions, this film is filled with more horrifying moments which only adds flavor to the film. The comedies are perhaps the highlight of the film, but it feels some of the slapstick comedy sequences looks repetitive. Nevertheless, people would still laugh their heart out, thanks to Kovai Sarala's brilliant comical chemistry with Lawrence and the expression oriented performances of Mano Bala, Sriman and Mayilsamy especially in the first half.


Lawrence plays Raghav the cameraman - an extremely cowardice person, especially to spirits and ghosts. His fear is so believable that you begin to see him as a different person, when he plays the fearless Shiva in the second half. And his dance - take a bow! But stealing the show is Tapsee. From fearless to frightening, ftom strict and stern professional to the melting romantic, her expressions are bang on target. She plays Nandini, the fearless director of the TV show, who plots to simulate ghosts into the screen, given her strong disbelief in the concept of spirits. Her excitement gets her hands on the spirit's possession, and this turns the wheel.

For the second time in a row, Kovai Sarala plays mother to Lawrence, and she is undoubtedly the best of the lot in comic relief! Aiding comedy, alongside the multitalented Raghava Lawrence are Mayilsamy, Manobala, Sriman and others. Nithya Menon is the much awaited twist in the story; without breaking the suspense, all we would promise is that her role and performance is sure to move you.


One can say, amidst all that rib-tickling comedies and heart-stopping horror moments, Kanchana 2 is also a technically sound movie (better than its prequels), for the visual effects are convincing. Raghava Lawrence, has come a long way as a director and sure knows how to fabricate an interesting screenplay. However, the second half is tiring in parts and the flashback sequences are over-dramatized. Climax looks a tad blunt and incomplete. Music by Leon James, C. Sathya, S. Thaman and Ashwamithra has delivered the goods as the background score helps to up the fear factor, though it gets too loud at times. Cinematography by Rajavel Olhiveeran is precise and has done justice to the horror genre. Editing is crisp especially in the first half but given the length of the movie, one might feel a few more portions could've faced the virtual scissors.

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The story is told in a brilliant manner. The screenplay left no loopholes. Lawrence as director really rocked making the movie more engrossing and racy; so much so that you really feel possessed by Kanchana 2.

If there are any minus points, technically speaking are drowned down in the intensity of Raghava's performance and his amazing directorial abilities.