A few days ago, death hoax messages about Malayalam actor Mamukkoya were doing the rounds on social media and WhatsApp.

"Mamukkoya passed away in a private hospital in Kozhikode. The actor was under treatment for his kidney for quite some time now, the message read.

Now, Mollywood superstar Mohanlal, in his latest blog has written that it was Malayalis' perversion that "killed" the veteran actor through such hoax messages.

Read the excerpts from Mohanlal's recent blog "The Malayali perversion that "killed" Mamukkoya" below (translated from Malayalam):  

The death hoax of Mamukkoya spread like a wildfire through social media. The ones who know him personally called him directly to confirm he is very much alive. He was in Wayanad then and informed "I am dead" in his Kozhikodan slang to everyone, who enquired about his health condition. It continued for the next two days and many forgot it as a joke.

Even I heard the news, but I couldn't just consider it as a joke as I have also fell prey to such death hoax many times before. While I was shooting for a film in Ootty, my parents received a call from an anonymous person, who informed them that I had met with an accident and passed away. As technology wasn't much advanced those days, my parents had gone through some bad hours of their life before getting a chance to talk to me via phone.

What kind of satisfaction does people get in spreading such death rumours about people who are alive? We cannot even call them as human beings or animals, such people are even below that level. They do not think of the family members and friends of such hoax victims. I think it is due to the mental perversion that such people behave inhumanly.

I do not blame social media, even though it is used for many positive aspects, many use it as a medium to create issues between people. I am not sure if cyber police can find the first person who spread rumours about Mamukkoya's death, but if possible, that is what should be done. Such people must be treated as criminals.

If a person has a mind to spread death rumours about a living man, what is the guarantee that he will not kill that person, if given a chance? Do not forget that it is the mind, which controls a body.