Saira Khan
Saira KhanPR Handout

Actress Saira Khan, who played the female lead in controversial film Kamasutra 3D passed away on Friday morning.

The young actress died due to a cardiac arrest. Saira featured in Rupesh Paul's directorial Kamasutra 3D by replacing Sherlyn Chopra as the female lead. The director expressed deep grief at the sudden death of Saira.

"It was difficult for Saira to sign the film because she came from a very conservative Muslim family and to make a debut with such a bold film after all the fuss in the media about it was in itself challenging. It took us months to finally get her on board but the wait was worth it as nobody else could've done justice to the movie unlike her." Rupesh Paul said in a statement.

Saira's demise remained unnoticed by most of the media, which further made the director upset.

"I found out about the news and was shocked. Later to see nobody and nowhere it was even reported was even more shocking. She deserved to be recognised for her performance and to remain unknown even after the brilliance she had is even more hurtful. It's a mourning time for us and I hope she Rests in Peace." Rupesh added.

Saira had been a part of a few regional movies before Kamastra 3D and was in the running to get her big break with 86th Academy Award nominated movie.