Kamal Haasan's new profile picture and Twitterati sees a connection with Bharathiyar
Kamal Haasan's new profile picture and Twitterati sees a connection with Bharathiyar.Kamal Haasan Twitter Page/Wikipedia

Kamal Haasan's statements are seen in the political context these days. Thanks to his ability to send cryptic messages to the public at regular intervals, he has successfully left people guessing about his next move in politics. Now, the Ulaganayagan has uploaded a new Twitter profile picture and people have found an apparent message in this photo as well.

In the picture, Kamal Haasan has sported a moustache and a turban. His followers were quick to match his look with social reformer and poet Subramania Bharati, who was popularly known as Bharthiyar. The Tamil writer wrote on varied subjects that include religion, politics and society.

With the Ulaganaygan actively talking about the current socio-political developments these days, people are now assuming that the actor has taken inspiration from Bharathiyar.

Kamal Haasan had earlier announced his interest to join politics and launched an app to connect with the people directly. It will be fully operational in January 2018. Although he has stated that he would be forming a new party, political pundits are of the belief that the actor might collaborate with one of the established parties.

For years, Kamal Haasan has been close to DMK, but he seems to be not interested in joining the party anymore for his own reasons. His repeated open admirations on Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has also indicated his love for the communists, but he himself has stated that he neither endorses left ideology nor right ideology and wants to have a balanced approach.

Coming back to his new profile picture, it has received a massive response on Twitter with over 31,000 likes, 5,700+ retweets and above 2,100 comments by the time this story went for publishing.

Below, we bring you a few responses to his profile picture: