Kamal Haasan

After coming under attack over his views on Hindu extremism, Kamal Haasan is back with his latest column in Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan. This time, he has drawn the viewers' attention on tax evasion and why Hindus should have large hearts, among other issues.

We pay tax in peanuts and expect big benefits from the government. If we pay Turkey berry (sundakkai) as tax, people are not in a position to expect pumpkin in return.

Hindus should play the role of an elder brother as they are in majority. When others' make mistakes, the elder brother have the responsibilty to correct them. Let us not punish people as we have courts to do it.

I have received money to launch my political party, but it is illegal to accept it. Hence, I have sent it back. I am not backing off, but I want to build a proper infrastructure before accepting the money from public.

My journey in politics has already started and I am meeting people. I do not hesitate to go to Varanasi if people want to come there. I had visited the place during the making of Hey Ram.

I never mentioned the words 'Hindu terrorism' and the Congress projected it that way to corner the BJP. My stand on extremism in Hindus remains the same.

Controversy over his previous article
In his previous article, Kamal Haasan had written that extremism had spread into Hindus as well and it had led to a big controversy. From death threats to lawsuits, he was criticised for his comments. "Earlier, Hindu rightists used have just intellectual debates with those of differing views through which they provoked their opponents to violence. With the approach failing to yield desired result, people have resorted to violence. The extremism has now spread among the Hindus as well," he had written.