Vani Ganapathy, ex-wife of Tamil film actor Kamal Haasan, has often refrained from speaking about her marriage or divorce with him. But the reticent woman broke her silence after the actor's alimony comment recently to a daily.  

In an interview with The Times of India, Kamal Haasan had said that he was bankrupt after his divorce settlement with the classical dancer. His comment did not go down well with her, who chose to speak out not only about the divorce settlement but also other matters.   

Kamal Haasan
A picture of Kamal Haasan.IB Times India

In an explosive interview with The Economic Times, she made several points. Below, we bring you the highlights of the interview:

1. Vani Ganapathy does not believe Kamal Haasan had to start his life from scratch due to the divorce settlement.

2. On Kamal's comment that he had to move to a rented house due to the divorce settlement, Vani clarified they did not own a house during their relationship but stayed in rented apartments. So the claim of being forced to move to a rented house is false.

3. She said that Kamal might made the comment to gain sympathy from his daughters.

4. On being rendered bankrupt, Vani Ganapathy said he has a habit of never taking the blame on himself and instead pointing fingers at others for his shortcomings. If he was bankrupt, there could be some other reason behind it, though she did not elaborate. 

5. Vani Ganapathy claimed that it has been 28 years since their divorce and she has moved on.

6. She did not reveal the alimony that she received from Kamal Haasan. Vani Ganapathy said she maintained a dignified silence on it throughout her life.

7. The former wife of Kamal Haasan pointed out that if she had got a big sum as alimony, she would have been living in a palatial house in a posh area in Bengaluru. But she lives in a house that she bought with her money long back.

8. Vani Ganapathy shares a healthy relationship with Kamal Haasan's family even today. She visits Charu Haasan, Suhasini Mani Ratnam and other family members whenever she is in Chennai.

Vani Ganapathy ended by saying she has not spoken to Kamal Haasan for a long time and that his latest comment has upset even his family members.