Kamal Haasan's 60th Birthday Bash Photos
Kamal Haasan with his PR at his birthday bash.Nikhil Murugan

It was a busy birthday for Kamal Haasan, who turned 60 on Friday (7 November), as he participated in many events. The Universal Star started the day by taking part in the Clean India Campaign.

At 9 am, Kamal launched the cleaning of Madambakkam Lake, Chennai. After finishing off the event, he addressed the media and thanked them for their support all these years.

The event was followed by welfare activities conducted by his fans club "All India Kamal Haasan Narpani Iyakkam". Meanwhile, the actor was frequently visited by his well-wishers and friends to personally greet the "Dashavatharam" actor on the special day. Later, he was also presented a special painting by well known artist AP Sreethar.

A press release regarding the painting reads, "Every year, he used to gift an out of the box conceptual painting to me on my birthday. Last year, he had presented a painting with the concept of classroom students and class teacher, showing various getup's of the Universal Star."

"This year he has created a painting for Kamal Haasan with once again a unique concept. The creation is based on the style of Great Masters around the world over 1000 years," the press release adds.

However, after his meeting with Sreethar, Kamal took a break from all his activities to spend time with his close friends. He had organised a birthday bash, which was attended by some of the big names from the industry.

Here, we bring you some photos posted by Kamal's manager on Twitter.