Kamal Haasan
Actor Kamal Haasan talks to the press in New Delhi April 4.Reuters

The release of upcoming Tamil-Hindi bilingual spy thriller "Vishwaroopam", which stars Kamal Haasan in the lead role, has been postponed to Jan 25, according to reports.

The ongoing controversy between Haasan and Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners Association (TNTOA) has taken a dramatic turn on Tuesday. Haasan, who is also the director and co-producer of the film, had a meeting with chief members of TNTOA on Monday.

It was said that the first round of meetings resulted in a positive outcome for both parties, Behind Woods reported. After Monday's meeting, two more rounds of discussion were held the following day.  

Citing inside sources, Behind Woods said that after Tuesday's round of discussion TNTOA and Haasan have come to a mutual understanding that will be beneficial for all the parties involved.

Haasan has also agreed to reschedule the release of "Vishwaroopam" to Jan 25 with a theatre release across the state. The details about the Direct-To-Home (DTH) telecast remain unclear until now.

A joint press conference is expected to take place to give details on the discussion, terms of agreement and the DTH screening. 

Haasan's move to release the film in DTH format pushed the TNTOA and Tamil Nadu Film Distributors Federation to cancel any theatrical releases. TNTOA and film distributors alleged that the DTH telecast would affect the business of theatre owners.