Tamil Nadu Associations to Boycott Screening of Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam
Tamil Nadu Associations to Boycott Screening of Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam"Vishwaroopam " Face

The Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners Association (TNTOA) and Tamil Nadu Film Distributors Federation have decided not to screen Kamal Haasan's upcoming project "Vishwaroopam" in theatres, if the movie is released through Direct-to-Home (DTH) service.

In a meeting attended by 700 members across the state on Thursday night, the two bodies jointly decided not to screen the movie if it hit DTH platform ahead of theatrical release. They issued a statement which stated: "We will not release any film, irrespective of whichever language it is in, which is broadcast on the DTH platform. The distributors furthermore would not buy such films in the first place," Times Of India (TOI) reported.

"What Haasan is doing is like kicking the ladder after climbing up," TNTOA president R.M. Annamalai told PTI, condemning the decision of the superstar.

However, he also mentioned that they were ready to hold talks with the superstar to negotiate for a settlement ahead of the DTH release. "But once the film is released on the DTH, as slated on January 10, then we will close all the doors for talks even if Kamal was ready for a negotiation," he told TOI.

TNTOA additional president Abirami' Ramanathan claimed that the DTH release of "Vishwaroopam" will affect the business of theatre owners.

In addition to Tamil Nadu Film Distributors Federation, Madurai - Ramanathapuram United Film Distributors also said that they would not release the film if it hit DTH platform before theatrical release.

As per reports, the Tamil Nadu Cinema Theatres Association has threatened not to screen any movies of Haasan if he goes ahead with his plan.

Haasan, who is also the director of "Vishwaroopam", has been urged by the theatre owners to cancel the airing license via DTH.