On Friday, Kamal Haasan celebrated his 60th birthday in a unique manner. The Universal Star took the initiative to be part of the Clean India Mission a national-level campaign kick-started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 2 October. 

In the first phase, Kamal Haasan took up the project at Madhambakkam Lake, on Tambaram Velacheri Main Road, near Rajakilpakkam junction, Chennai. He was at the venue at 9 am on Friday and took part in the cleaning movement.

"Cleaning India's water bodies is critical and needs to be done on a war footing. All our water bodies are being converted into sewerage drains and dump yards with everything ranging from domestic to industrial waste getting dumped in them. This has to change, and the larger society needs to understand the significance of conserving these water bodies," Kamal Haasan said in a press release.

He further said, "These are not just water-holding tanks, but are critical habitats with several dependent life forms. A lake is home for aviary, aquatic, amphibians, reptiles and more. We share this planet with all other life forms and we need to be responsible towards our natural resources."

The All India Kamal Haasan Narpani Iyakam's volunteers have joined hands with the Environmentalist Foundation of India's team of research volunteers to adopt and clean 25 lakes across Tamil Nadu. The entire effort will be scientific and sustainable with pure voluntary motives. Efforts will be made to reach out to the general public to volunteer for the cause at large.

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    A picture taken at the venue.IB Times India
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    Kamal Haasan is seen speaking at the campaign.IB Times India
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    Kamal Haasan is Garlanded.IB Times India
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