Kamaal R Khan
Kamaal R Khan.Kamaal R Khan Twitter Account

Kamaal R Khan, popularly known as KRK, has revealed some shocking details about his early life and his parents. In a series of tweets, Kamaal Rashid Khan said that his mother once wanted to poison him.

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On the occasion of Mother's Day, KRK took to Twitter and shared a picture that shows him with his mother. While the photo shows him and his mom holding each other with adore, it is the caption that is shocking.

"Wish you very happy #MothersDay Mom! Once upon a time, you wanted to give poison but today you are proud of me," he said in the caption. Then the self-proclaimed critic went on to narrate the circumstances in which his parents used to hate him.

KRK said that his mother wanted to poison him for watching movies and going to school. He said that his parents wanted him to learn farming like his siblings, instead of going to school and watch films.


Here goes the series of tweets. "My mother was angry with me for watching films so she thought dat I will destroy the reputation of family hence she wanted to give me poison."

"According my parents I was worst child of them out of 6 coz I was going to school instead of doing farming n watching films with my friends."

"My brothers were good for my parents coz they never asked to go to school, got married at the age of 12 n became good farmers like father."

"I could hav been best son of my mother if I didn't go to school but got married with my cousin sister at the age of 15 n becom a good farmer."

"My parents were not wrong coz according to ppl of my village, going to school or watching film was very bad. While farming was a good work."

While the story that KRK shared is quite shocking, the reactions that followed are quite funny. As soon as he revealed the incident of his mother wanting to poison him, people started to troll him saying her mom would have become "mother of the nation" if she had succeeded. They even said that now the entire nation wants to poison him. Check some of the funny responses: